Gain access to the most comprehensive database of flavor/fragrance materials in the world.

Join RIFM's member companies in their dedication to the safe use of fragrance ingredients - industry leaders who support RIFM's extensive program of testing and evaluating fragrance raw materials and who value consumer safety and environmental stewardship.

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Thank you for considering membership in RIFM. Membership is by company. RIFM does not offer individual membership at this time. Companies are accepted as Active, Consumer Active, Supporting, or Associate Members.

  • Active Membership is limited to those persons, firms, corporation and divisions of the corporations primarily engaged in the manufacture and/or sale or distribution at other than the retail level of fragrances or fragrance ingredients.
  • Consumer Active Membership is limited to those persons, firms, corporations and divisions of the corporations primarily engaged in the purchase of fragrances and fragrance ingredients for further manufacture including incorporation into consumer products at the retail level.
  • Supporting Membership includes persons, firms, corporations and divisions of corporations engaged in the manufacture for sale or distribution at the retail level of consumer products using or consisting of fragrance or fragrance ingredients.
  • Associate Membership includes persons, firms and corporations engaged as brokers or dealers in the fragrance industry and other persons, firms and corporation engaged in a business in or related to the fragrance industry.

Your application for RIFM membership must be sponsored by two RIFM Member companies from RIFM's Member List. Applications must be mailed back to RIFM with original signatures of executives from the sponsoring companies.

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New RIFM Membership Policy Effective Immediately!

For all new RIFM members admitted after August 1, 2010 the following policy applies regarding Letters of Access ("LoAs") for RIFM-funded Studies:

All new RIFM members will be entitled to purchase LoAs for RIFM-funded Studies at a discount for the first three years of their membership. After that, from year 4 and on of RIFM membership, all LoAs will be free of charge.

The discount structure for LoAs during the first three years of RIFM membership is:

Year One: the discount on all LoAs purchased during Year One of RIFM Membership can equal up to 25% of theannual dues paid for that year.

Year Two: the discount will increase to up to 50% of the annual dues paid in year two.

Year Three: the discount will increase to up to 75% of the annual dues paid in year three.

Thereafter, Year Four and on of RIFM Membership, all LoAs will be provided at no charge.

All discounts must be used within the calendar year that they apply to and may not carry forward into the next calendar year. Discounts will be applied on an annual basis.

For more information on LoAs for RIFM funded studies, contact Christen Sachse-Vasquez, csachse-vasquez@rifm.org.

For information on RIFM dues and other fees, contact Steven Manzi, smanzi@rifm.org.

More questions about RIFM and membership, e-mail rifm@rifm.org.