Ladd Smith Is A Featured Speaker At Scent World Expo



Dr. Ladd Smith, RIFM President, speaks on the practical guidelines of fragrance safety as applied to scent marketing at the 2011 Scent World Expo on December 8, 2011, at the Gansevoort Hotel in Miami Beach, Florida. This is the third global conference on scent and sensory marketing sponsored by the Scent Marketing Institute. RIFM's booth at the Expo distributed information on their latest research projects and activities. 

Scent marketing is a strategy that forward-thinking retailers are using to differentiate themselves from competitors, create an emotional bond with their customers and increase sales. Experts in this field harness the power of scent to improve this experience. 

View Dr. Smith's popular presentation, Itís My Space, Not Yours: Popular Myths, Scientific Realities & Public Perception