Toxicologic and Dermatologic Assessments for Three Groups of Fragrance Ingredients: 1) Related Esters and Alcohols of Cinnamic Acid and Cinnamic Alcohol; 2) Ionones; 3) Salicylates

RIFM has released three more Group Summaries and their related Fragrance Material Reviews (FMRs) for publication in a Special Supplement of Food and Chemical Toxicology, Volume 45, Supplement 1, 2007. These materials were among the high priority list of fragrance materials selected for review and will serve as the basis for the dermatological and toxicological evaluation for the group.

The three Group Summaries and 70 FMRs were authored by RIFM’s Expert Panel (REXPAN) and RIFM staff, respectively.  The group assessment approach is based on structural relationship that enables consistency in predicting metabolism and toxicity. It also conserves resources by reducing duplicate testing. These publications provide the scientific and regulatory communities with all the toxicological data available to RIFM on these fragrance ingredients. And, they provide the RIFM Expert Panel’s safety assessment of these groups of fragrance ingredients. The Group Summaries and related FMR’s also continue to be the supporting structure of RIFM’s safety assurance program and a key part of the RIFM proactive program. They also will be usd by industry to meet REACH requirements.

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