Toxicologic and Dermatologic Assessments for Three Groups of Fragrance Ingredients: 1) Macrocyclic Ketones, 2) Macrocyclic Lactones and Lactides, 3) Cinnamyl Phenyl Propyl

Human health safety assessments on Macrocyclic and Cinnamyl Phenyl Propyl fragrance ingredients.

These fragrance ingredients are used in many different product types, including cosmetic, personal care, household and air care. Based on all the data available, RIFM's human health safety assessment shows that, at the current levels of use, these materials are practically nonirritating, have a low sensitization potential, no genotoxicity potential and a low order of repeat dose toxicity. The materials were already reviewed by RIFM for environmental impact and showed no grounds for environmental concern.

The opinion of the independent Expert Panel that reviews RIFM's research is that, under the anticipated levels of exposure in fine fragrance and consumer products, there are no safety concerns regarding use of these materials.

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