The RIFM Fragrance Safety Program


Fragrance Ingredient Safety Assessments

RIFM Fragrance Ingredient Safety Assessments are a cost effective solution for the fragrance industry that takes advantage of advances in

  • Computational toxicology                                                   
  • In vitro methodologies
  • New methods to determine aggregate exposure
  • Assessing fragrance ingredient environmental impact
  • Use of Threshold for Toxicological Concern (TTC)

RIFM’s Integrated Testing Strategy

  • Uses multiple screening assays and builds on a solid history of toxicological testing
  • Improves fragrance ingredient assessments
  • Employs alternatives to animal testing


This is a snapshot of the RIFM Safety Assessment Program by overall completion status as of 04/03/2018. An updated list will be provided each quarter.

Q2 2018 Status of RIFM Safety Assessments

To view the publicly published RIFM Safety Assessments on the Elsevier Fragrance Material Safety Assessment Resource Center, click here

RIFM Members may view complete Safety Assessments in the Member Area. Login required. Click on RIFM Science in the menu on the left, then the Fragrance Safety page from the drop-down menu. The link for complete Safety Assessments will be towards the bottom of the page.