What the Creme-RIFM Model Offers You (view recording)


10/14/21 Register here now to view a recording of this webinar to learn what access to the Creme-RIFM Aggregate Exposure Model now offers.

RIFM and Creme Global are considering a simplified service agreement to allow more broadly based access to the Creme-RIFM model. The value of the Model will be the same for all industry— large and small fragrance manufacturers and consumer companies. The model can help:

  • Assess contaminant exposure & risk
  • Understand new fragrance chemical exposures
  • Identify exposures to residuals in the manufacturing process
  • Demonstrate safe exposures to the consumer for various chosen geographies and population segments
  • Provide insights on reformulations of both consumer products & fragrance mixtures based on simulating exposures under different use scenarios
  • Provide marketing insights for all RIFM members by understanding the volume of products on the market & use profiles and the relative source contribution of different product categories (using Kantar World Panel data