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The Research Institute for Fragrance Materials (RIFM) is the organization at the forefront of fragrance ingredient safety information. Through research, analysis, and publication, RIFM provides a scientific basis for the safe use of fragrance for the protection of consumers and the environment.

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Computational Chemistry
Skin Sensitization
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Repeated Dose and Reproductive

RIFM Safety Assessment and Research

RIFM conducts safety assessments on fragrance ingredients and pioneers science-based, animal-alternative methods to enhance the safety assessment process. RIFM provides open access to all of its published, peer-reviewed safety assessments and research via the Fragrance Material Safety Resource Center.

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RIFM Advantages

RIFM membership is a cost-effective solution for fragrance ingredient safety research and testing that is reviewed by the independent Expert Panel for Fragrance Safety, which provides the scientific authority and objectivity to RIFM’s work. RIFM members get access to a wealth of exclusive content, tools, events, and an expanded network of technical expertise.

Member Access

Enjoy exclusive access to members-only content, including early awareness of scientific and regulatory issues, assistance from RIFM staff scientists, and support for research and regulatory compliance goals. Download the current RIFM Members List

RIFM Database

As the world’s largest website specific to flavor and fragrance materials, the RIFM Database contains information on more than 7,000 materials with over 80,000 references.