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Active Membership

Manufacturer, nonretail seller/distributor of fragrances/ingredients

Consumer Active Membership

Purchaser of fragrances/ingredients for further manufacture, including consumer products

Supporting Membership

Manufacturer for retail sale/distribution of fragranced consumer products

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RIFM membership affords a wealth of exclusive content, tools, events, and access to an expanded network of technical expertise.

The RIFM Database

Discounted rates to the largest worldwide website of information specific to flavor and fragrance materials—with over 80,000 references including approximately 200,000 human health and environmental studies, inventory information, and the International Fragrance Association (IFRA) Standards.

Support for your scientific and regulatory compliance goals

Enjoy early awareness of scientific and regulatory issues and assistance from RIFM staff scientists.

Meaningful collaboration with colleagues

Access to and opportunities to work with fragrance manufacturers, client companies, the IFRA and RIFM staff scientists, and other scientific experts.

More Benefits

  • Early awareness of scientific and regulatory issues affecting the fragrance industry
  • Access to RIFM’s nonanimal data, methodologies, and models for fragrance ingredient safety assessment
  • Support of your company’s efforts to maintain compliance with REACH requirements
  • Discounted pricing for RIFM’s annual meeting, webinars, and events
  • Active and Consumer Active members are eligible for nomination to the RIFM Board of Directors
  • All qualified RIFM members may participate in RIFM scientific Core Teams
  • Supporting members are eligible for a seat on the IFRA Joint Advisory Group (JAG)
  • Discounted or free letters of access to RIFM studies

RIFM Database Benefits

The RIFM Database is the most comprehensive worldwide source of toxicology data, literature, and general information on fragrance and flavor raw materials with over 80,000 references including approximately 200,000 human health and environmental studies, inventory information, and IFRA Standards.

RIFM reviews upward of 50 scientific journals each month, conducts literature searches, and regularly collects member company data to keep the RIFM Database as complete as possible.

Additionally, RIFM has created and maintains several safety assessment tools (animal-alternative models and methodologies) that are available exclusively to RIFM members and database subscribers.